Fixing the Car Vs. Selling It – Which Is the Smarter Choice?

Posted on 28th, Sep 18

Is the best choice to fix the vehicle, or sell it? That will depend. Scrap Cars Canberra offers the following information on fixing versus selling cars.

Fixing Versus Selling Cars

There are factors of your vehicle you will need to take into consideration when deciding if it is best to fix or sell:

  • The market value of the vehicle
  • The cost of repairs
  • The repair history of the vehicle
  • The age of the vehicle

Find Out the Market Value of The Car

Start with the market value of the vehicle. Once you know the market worth of your vehicle, determine the costs to repair the vehicle. If you have a regular mechanic, you trust, request a quote for the engine repairs. If you don’t have a mechanic you trust, obtain two or three different quotes for the engine repairs. Once you know the price to repair the engine subtract it from the value of the vehicle. If the costs outweigh the value of the vehicle or come close, it likely is best to sell the vehicle to a buyer like a car removal company that will pay Cash for the Car without having to invest the expense of repairs.

Fixing the Car Vs. Selling It – Which Is the Smarter Choice

Is It Worth Fixing?

There are also other things to consider. Is the vehicle one that has a history of being a lemon? If so, you may be tired of those trips to the repair shop. Is the vehicle old? Old vehicles are costlier to run as they lack in fuel efficiency and typically have more trips to the repair shop.


Car removal companies are the option to sell cars of any make and condition quickly. With a Car Removal company, sellers have the option of a same-day car sale, which puts cash in their hand to quickly upgrade their vehicle. When the costs of repairs are higher than the value of a vehicle, it is wise to sell the vehicle in “As Is” condition. When it is old, it is also an excellent choice to sell the vehicle. However, it is always the owners’ preference as to whether to sell their vehicle.

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